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Since I'm used to playing at a pretty big rate, I went into the first slot machine and I placed a bet of $ 10 per spin. He pressed the button «Start» and suddenly I got a win in the 400-something dollars. I shook a little drums and picked the winning up to $ 1000. Immediately turned to the support team to take the prize. 

The casino said since I did not invest a single deposit, and money for the game gave me a casino, then this no deposit bonus to play. Or rather make bets worth 25 times the bonus amount. That is, to make bets on just $ 300. I thought that nothing in this terrible there, the ordinary rules of any casino, after all the money I was given and they have to play by their rules. Then I thought I would let him do these rates and unfortunate circumstances take off at least $ 700. After all, to get $ 700 from the ground up, too bad!

For example, a lot of players with deposits of $ 1000 $ -2000 managed to break the jackpots in the hundreds of thousands of dollars! A lucky individual can win millions of dollars. The casino itself Europe - is considered one of the best, the biggest VIP casino. Their reputation is crystal clear, so you can, they will trust, and not worry about the prize - each player will receive a prize with a 100% chance. Here's a small example of my game in the casino with no deposit bonus.

Each casino wagering different numbers, but all of them have calculated the average amount of bets players make, plus win ratio to the number of wagering. Thus, when the player finishes to win back the bonus, it makes just as much as it gives the casino, because of this casino does not lose anything. Although there is a view. After all, there can be such that it is bonus money will help the player to win the big money.

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