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The casino with live dealers operate cute young girl dressed in a nice looking uniform dealer. Before you start playing, you are free to choose one of them by viewing photos or video presentations of all casino employees. You also have the right at any time to change the dealer, and if one of the girls you fancy, you can even leave her a tip!

Unlike a real casino, with live dealers may simultaneously be involved hundreds of players, and not feel any discomfort while. After all, any rate can be accomplished by simply pressing the mouse button, and there is no need to squeeze through a crowded around the table players to make another bet.

And here is the ability to communicate with other players in the game and the dealer is implemented in a live casino games as well as possible. You can comment on the games, share ideas with other players and even flirt with the dealer live chat, located right in the window of your client program. However, for the rudeness and boorishness the casino has the full right to terminate your access to the chat, so it is better to act beyond the bounds of decency. We at offer a list of best Forex brokers online.

Many players do not like the online game mainly because they do not trust the computer's random number generator, and believe that issued them values sometimes deliberately directed against the player. In the case of live-casino this possibility is eliminated, because the game at the same time involved a lot of players who commit different rates and manipulate the results do not make any sense. Some particularly distrustful players even doubt that the game really is in real time. However, this could be tested by asking the dealer chatting to wave you hand, a wink or shake his head. In addition, you can enter the online casino game at the same time from different computers and verify the identity of the results issued to all participants.
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