Craps is probably the casino game that generates more adrenaline around a table. The players bet on the outcome of throwing two 6-sided dice. These are thrown by the shooter (the launcher) which is one of the players. Each player can have the opportunity to become launcher. The shooter placed on the Pass line (pass) or Do not Pass (does not pass). If the result is 2.3 or 12 craps there and turn ends. This is the come out roll of the dice or the initial launch will guide the course of the game.

The dice indeed follow the direction of clockwise and move from one player to another in each round. All players bet including the launcher. The dice must be placed on the opposite side of the table of a regulatory height of 40 centimeters. The third dealer also called stickman, use the 'stick' (stick or cane in English) to pick up the dice and give them to the shooter. Finally, a head table, bowman, is responsible for the smooth running of the game.

The series of dice rolls that establish the point is called the "Round". The first shot is the shooter come out (result) roll. The result of this first check determines the goal. The shooter should seek to replicate the 'point', lie the result of the first run in the second roll. The shooter chose two dice (one red and one green) among the six dice, submitted by the stickman.

The result is 4,5,6,8,9 or 10. It defines the point marked by the dealer on the carpet. In this case the goal is to get the shooter point again before rolling 7. No roll: everything is the same on the table and the shooter rolls the dice again. The results of 7 and 11 are called "Natural". If the shooter rolls a Natural at the Come Out can reenroll.

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