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This legendary card game deservedly considered one of the symbols of the casino. Blackjack has gained such wide popularity due to the simple rules, the short duration of the party and, of course, a high probability of winning. Players and the dealer turns a showdown, with each carrying a specific numerical value.

The purpose of the participants - to beat the dealer, who has the most points and do not exceed the limit set by the rules (21 points). The combination of cards, giving a total of exactly 21 called "Blackjack" and is the highest in the game. At the moment there are several varieties of this fascinating card game, descriptions of which can be found in the Card Games .


Another casino card game, its rules very similar to blackjack. As in blackjack, the game is playing against the dealer. The goal - to dial 9 or close to 9 points, using a two handed dealer card. In certain cases it is also possible distribution of the third card. If a player scores more than 9 points, then their total subtract 10, and holder combination is charged only the remainder.

Participants with 9 points from the first two cards, the victory is awarded automatically, otherwise the winner is the one who scores the amount is closer to 9. It should also be noted that the value of cards in baccarat are different from those in blackjack. More detailed rules baccarat you can read in the Card Games .

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